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Spacedude 2420  - Created by Justin Peacock & Christian Shaw

Dizzy Cow Studios

Dizzy Cow Studios is a multi-media production facility tucked away in the unsuspecting suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia specialising in the creation of online comedic content.

Emerging from the primordial muck, slapped together with gaffa tape, hard work and a pocketful of dreams, Dizzy Cow Studios was created to inflict its own brand of original comedy on the world.


What’s that, World? You don’t want to have our comedy inflicted upon you? Well too bad – you shouldn’t have said that thing about our Mother.

Sleepy Goat Studios is a creator of quality online content spanning a diverse field of genres.


Described as a place where “average ideas become totally awesome”, it is believed that through a little bit of hard work and elbow grease anything is possible.



Sleepy Goat's is not motivated by greed and corruption, but it’s not ruling it out either if the opportunity rises.
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