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Ep 01 - To Boldly Go

Dave, a slacker seeking his fortune in space is forced to haul cargo across the galaxy in a broken down ship with only a socially-challenged computer for company.

Ep 02 - Taking Care of Business

Desperate to clock up enough credits to survive the day, Dave runs afoul of the local space cop.



After contracting the Talunian Flu, Dave spends his time in quarantine inflicting  self-abuse before turning his attention to the online dating scene.

Ep 04 - Breaking Sad

When Dave is offered triple credits to deliver scuzz, the most psychotic drug in the galaxy, he makes some surprising discoveries about Computer's past.

Ep 05 - Ponder Rock

When Geekman sends Dave to a desolate asteroid in order to break his social media addiction, Dave tries anything he can to keep from going insane.        Spoiler alert: Fails.

Ep 06 - Pirates of the Casseopia

When Dave decides to fly into the Forbidden Zone against Geekman's wishes, he finds himself in danger of losing a lot more than his frequent flier points.

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